Private Banking

HFC Bank Private Banking presents holistic world-class personalized banking service to High Net Worth Individuals. It is an exclusive premium private banking service that is meant to recognize how far an individual has come as a royal-“An Eban Adeshie (Royal of the Fortress)”. The symbolism is that of protection, security and safety as depicted by the Adinkra symbol in the Bank’s logo.  It is about tailored banking service that seeks to secure personal wealth through sound investment and quality customer service.

The Eban Adeshie experience is meant to provide High Net Worth Individuals banking services that match their financial needs and unique lifestyle. Membership guarantee an assigned Personal Banker who will foster familiarity with the customer and endeavour to ensure satisfaction of their unique needs. The relationship is governed by high ethical standards characterized by trust, confidentiality and speedy delivery of services.

From traditional banking and investment services to individual property management, HFC Private Banking gives the customer a one-stop-shop for banking and wealth management.

Benefits on Sign-on

  • An assigned Professional Personal Banker
  • Guaranteed confidentiality
  • Speed and convenience of banking services delivered “when you want it, where you want it”
  • Foreign currency allocation based on personal needs assessment
  • Individualized terms of credit based on financial circumstances
  • Access to attractive, competitive and negotiable rate of interest
  • Access to a variety of financial/wealth management products/services
  • Free professional advisory and information services for the efficient and prudent management of personal wealth
  • e-banking services. The convenience of banking services delivered in real time
  • No COT charges


  • Cash Management (GH¢, GB Pounds Sterling, US Dollar & Euros)
  • Investment Account (Local currency &US Dollar)

e-banking services

  • Internet banking
  • Telephone banking
  • Fastxt (SMS banking)
  • FastCash (ATM)
  • E-zwich services  

Personal Lending Products

  • Platinum Auto Loan
  • Gold Premium Loan
  • Silver Standard Loan
  • Xcelle Educational Loan

Premium Mortgage Facilities

  • Premium Home Purchase Mortgage Loan
  • Premium Home Equity Mortgage Loan
  • Premium Home Completion Mortgage Loan

Wealth Management

  • Funds management
  • Asset management
  • Personal Financial Planning
  • Private Equity Placements/Purchases
  • Stock Brokerage
  • Property management
  • Alternative investment

Safe Custody Service