HFC 'Susu Plus' Account

Targets customers who are willing to make savings (Susu) towards a renewable one year contract


  • Existing and potential non-customers
  • Applicant must be 18 years and must meet minimum KYC requirements
  • Account to be operated as a savings account
  • Account can be operated as a joint account
  • Initial account opening balance of GHS50
  • Minimum mandatory regular monthly contribution of GHS50 for 12months post account opening
  • Monthly interest shall be earned on the account and accrue on full tenure of the contract
  • Non-negotiable no withdrawal policy on account for 1 year post account opening
  • Where forced withdrawal is made before the mandatory 12 months, customer loses all special interest gained
  • Implied rate of15%
  • One month free Bonus installment after 12 months payments
  • 3 passport-sized photographs
  • Completed Account opening forms
  • A completed signature card
  • A utility bill to support KYC forms
  • Any form of identification card (passport, driver's License, voter ID card, National Insurance)