HFC Loyalty Credit/Loan

It is an installment loan for existing crreditworthy customers of the Bank who receive regular monthly net income of at least GH¢100.00

(a) Purpose:

Consumer durables, furniture, land purchases, school fees, rent advance, medical bills and holiday. The loan is not for speculative purpose such as; starting a business or speculating on the stock market.

(b) Target Customers:

  • Customers of the Bank
  • Investors in HFC Managed Funds
  • Current and old mortgagors whose title documents are in the custody of the Bank 
  • Individuals with minimum net salaries of GH¢100.00

(c) Terms:

Minimum Loan Amount:       GH¢ 500.00
Max Loan Amount:                GH¢ 15,000
Loan Term:                              Max - 24 months