HFC Homesave Account

The HFC Homesave Account is a unique product that combines investment and savings features into one. It is designed for people who desire to own their homes within the shortest possible time in the most affordable and convenient way.


  • It is a savings and investment account
  • Designed for prospective homeowners
  • Individuals and corporate bodies can operate the account
  • Set up standing orders on your Homesave Account

Benefits to Customer

  • Savings for your future home
  • Saving up to 25% of the cost of property qualifies the customer to apply for a mortgage loan
  • Qualifies the customer to apply for a consumer loan
  • The account can be used as collateral for credit facilities
  • Cheque lodgement can be made into the account
  • Account holders will receive prompt and regular quarterly statement of accounts
  • The account attracts a high interest rate compared to other savings accounts
  • Periodic information on the real estate market in Ghana


  • 3 passport-sized photographs
  • Completed Homesave application forms
  • A completed signature card
  • A utility bill to support KYC forms
  • Any form of identification card (passport, driver's license or voter ID card)
  • A minimum opening balance of GHC 100 or USD 500, EURO 500, GBP 200