HFC Educational Loan

We know what you're thinking about...the high cost of education. Here's what you should be considering... HFC Educational Loan is a personal loan aimed at parents and mature students who are currently working.


  • Applicants must maintain a current account with the Bank
  • Applicants must have been in their present employment for not less than 12 months
  • Applicants must route their salaries through their accounts with HFC Bank
  • Applicants who for good reasons cannot open accounts with the Bank, will be expected to set up a standing order arrangement for repayment of their loans
  • Applicants will be expected to ensure that their employers remit entitlements to the Bank in the event of disengagement
  • Applicants may be requested to present current school bills to the Bank as evidence of indebtedness
  • Payment may be made through bank draft or direct transfer to the school. A commission will be charged for every transfer made
  • Unit Trust holders may borrow up to 150% of the amount of their investment