Attainment of Universal Banking License

  • On 7th July 1993, incorporated a wholly-owned subsidiary company, Home Finance Investment Fund Limited (HFIF), to undertake the business of an investment company.
  • On 1st October 2001 HFIF changed its name to HFC Investment Services Limited(HFC-ISL) in order to take on other businesses.
  • Licensed by Bank of Ghana as a Non-Bank Financial Institution (NBFI) in August 1994 under the Financial Institutions (Non Banking) Law, 1993 (PNDCL 328).
  • Converted to a public company on 5th October 1994 and got listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE) on 17th March 1995 at an IPO price of ¢100 per share.
  • Issued with a Deposit-Taking Authorization by Bank of Ghana on 30th July 2001.
  • Issued with a Universal Banking License by Bank of Ghana on 17th November 2003 as a banking institution.

First and leading Mortgage Finance institution in Ghana

HFC Bank provides a comprehensive range of mortgage financing, commercial banking and investment banking services.  In this regard, HFC is playing a pivotal role in the development of Ghana’s money and capital markets.

HFC offers mortgage loans to enable individuals purchase and own houses. Special packages are available for recognized groups, associations and institutions to meet the home ownership goals of their employees and/or members.

First to establish a Collective Investment Scheme in Ghana

HFC established the first unit trust in Ghana, HFC Unit Trust, which began operations in July 1991 and also the first real estate investment trust, HFC Real Estate Investment Trust (HFC-REIT), in August 1994.

Through its banking and investment management operations, a wide range of financial and investment services are offered to individuals and corporate bodies. Funds management, Brokerage, Property management, Current and Deposit accounts and all forms of credit facilities are provided. Currently HFC-ISL manages the following funds:

  • The HFC Unit Trust
  • HFC Equity Trust
  • HFC Future Plan Trust